• Chemicals
    We are engaged in trading business
    from functional chemicals such as
    methanol to petrochemicals and polymer.
  • Steel
    Our business transactions include
    the import and export of hot-rolled,
    cold-rolled, and stainless steel materials.
  • Industrial Materials
    Industrial Materials
    We sell electronic items such as
    polarizing plates, semi-conductors and
    display materials to group companies.
  • Energy
    The items that we are selling include PKS and wood pellet for renewable power generation in Japan.

Samsung C&T Corporation Head Office

Samsung C&T Corporation Head Office Samsung C&T Corporation is the origin of Samsung Group.
The company has been together through Korea’s miraculous
economic growth for more than 80 years.
Samsung C&T aims to emerge as a global value creator with
its outstanding people and extensive business experience. Samsung C&T website